Ex Girlfriend Quotes

Ex Girlfriend Quotes

   “It is about a man and woman who meet 15 years after their affair. The girl is now 27, the man 55. I talked to David about my own experiences, though not, I assure you, with young girls. I also suggested he introduce a third character: the 12-year-old d

Dec 03, 2010

“I said to myself, 'Man, I'm so tired of hearing songs about peoples' ex-girlfriends. It's really nauseating. And the whole me, me, me aspect of it was just like (overdone).”

“I ask a lot because I'm very curious - especially about ex-girlfriends. I'm pretty good at getting the answers, too.”

“Really? I suppose reading the confidential psychiatric file of his ex-girlfriend.”

“I'm not known for having great relationships with ex-girlfriends, but I've been able to continue one with Gwyneth that's really valuable.”

“His girlfriend had called him and told him that whenever her ex-boyfriend saw my son, that he was going to shoot him.”

“Apparently his ex-girlfriend was there with somebody else, and it escalated somehow into a fight.”

“I like hunting down the ones that aren't gay and converting them for a while, which I did with my ex-girlfriend. She was beautiful-French, blonde and stunning.”

“He was waiting. He was actually talking on the phone with the ex-girlfriend when the victim pulled up.”

“Gabriel told me he'd bought the watch for his ex-girlfriend, but she didn't like it. She said that one day he'd find the right person to give it to, and he said that person was me,”

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