Walking Dead Quotes

Walking Dead Quotes

   The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white American comic book series published by Image Comics beginning in 2003.

Nov 29, 2010

Glenn: Admit it. You only came back to Atlanta for the hat.

T-Dog: Guess the world changed. Guillermo: No. It's the same as it ever was: the weak get taken.

Daryl: You've got some balls for a Chinaman. Glenn: I'm Korean. Daryl: Whatever.

Jim [to Shane]: Who voted you King Boss?

Daryl: I aint so worried about some dumb dead bastard. Rick: What about a thousand dumb dead bastards. Different story?

Andrea: No crying in the boat. It scares the fish.

Amy: The world ended. Didn't you get the memo?

Shane: Four men, four rounds. What are the odds, huh? Let's just hope four is your lucky number.

Rick: What he would or wouldn't do doesn't interest me. I can't let a man die of thirst, me. Thirst and exposure. We left him like an animal caught in a trap. That's no way for anything to die, let alone a human being.

Daryl [to Dale]: You take that stupid hat and go back to "On Golden Pond."

Glenn: Thought I'd get to drive at least for a few more days. Rick: Maybe we'll get to steal another one someday.

Rick: Maybe we got a second chance. Not many people get that.

Dale: Words can be meager things. Sometimes they fall short.

Glenn: Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood. You the new sheriff come riding in to clean up the town? Rick: It wasn't my intention. Glenn: Yeah, whatever, yee haw. You're still a dumbass.

Rick: There's us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart.

Glenn: Bright side, it'll be the fall that kills us. I'm a glass half full kinda guy.

Glenn: You're surrounded by "Walkers." That's the bad news. Rick: There's good news? Glenn: No.

Dale: If you see anything, holler. I'll come running. Lori: Yes, mom.

Rick: You shot him, in the street, out front, a man. Morgan: Friend, you need glasses. It was a "Walker."

Shane: We are surviving here. We are day to day.

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