Depressing Words And Quotes On Tripod

Depressing Words And Quotes On Tripod

   There are so many things I'm not sure of in life, but with all certainty at this very minute, all I know is that I miss her..

Mar 14, 2012

Sometimes the pain is soo much to bare Sometimes it rains too much to care Sometimes if you dont watch your back It'll cost yah. Sometimes you wonder who would care if they lost yah

No matter how hard i seem to try you turn around and TwIsT my words into a lie are relationships supposed to be like this? cuz if they are...then i *quit*

I wish that you could read my mind and know my love is true For lately i have come to find I only think of you And maybe you cant be with me to put my mind at ease But you still left your memory to bring me to my knees I know you always meant to keep my heart beside your own But as I rest my eyes to sleep I know my hearts alone..

I love you.. can't you tell? NO! you're too cought up in HER love spell..

i passd u on a hint..i thot ud notice but u dint..i thot ud realize..maybe u jus not dat wize

i WaNnA bELiEVE eVeRyThInG YoUvE sAiD bUt aLL tHeSe FEeLiNgS r MeSsIn wIT mY hEaD i DunO wHAT tO tHiNK i duNo WhAt tO fEeL i JuS wAnT A LoVe tHaT'LL bE *REAL

UnTiL i FeEL uR HeArTbEaT NeXt tO MiNe-iVe gOt wOrK tO Do....TiLL EvErY SiNgLe StAr uP iN ThE SkY, kNoWs ThAt i BeLoNg tO YoU.........

Its been so long since i touched ur face Its been so long since i had the taste Its been so long since i had u here with me Its been so long since i yesterdays Its been so long since u get away Its been so long i never thought i would have seen u again

I didn't get around to kiss you Goodbye on the hand I wish that I could see you again I know that I can't

Should we try this before we give up and move on And pretend to restore what we have and hold on

What were you thinking when you saw me standing there smiling? Were you thinking the same thing I was? That you were so adorable..and that the sun brought out the sparkle in your eyes..Or were you thinking to yourself, "Oh God, not her again!

i WaNt a LoVe i CaN FeEL* *tHaTs tHe OnLy KiNd oF LoViN i tHiNk iS rEaL* *dOnT WaNNa Be gOiNg By SoMetHiNg i HeArD* *CuZ aCtiOnS SpEaK LoUdEr tHaN wOrDs*

wut can i do tew make yew mine i've fallen so hard - so fast...this time wut did yew do - wut did yew say to make me fall for yew this way

Lets go back lets rewind to the days that remind me of all the good times that we spent together And i don't know why we just let it all slide When we both knew inside we were right for each other

u DoNt hAvE tO SaY a WoRd iTs iN Ur EyEs WaT CaN i Do tO CoNvInCe u We NeEd MoRe TiMe aNd i KnW i HaVe MaDe a FeW MiStAkEs BuT LoSiNg u iS JuSt ToO MuCh tO TaKe

a new day the sun is shining seems I'm closer to finding that life is more than what we hide no way that I am turning as long as this sun is burning now it seems that all I want is you

I still feel the same though everything has changed the pain it cost now I feel lost inside of my own name

silence is golden but I think it's gonna kill me now everything I've seen never seems to filll me now no one told me that the world could fall through

you leave me hanging on only to catch my breath I've got you and I've got nothing left don't leave me all alone down here with myself and all of my fear

never meant to waste your time never meant to fall out of line I always tried to get closer to you now it seems with every step feels like I'm losin' my breath I don't know what else I can do

ReFuSe tO FeEL * AnYtHiNg aT aLL * ReFuSe tO sLiP * ReFuSe tO FaLL * cAn'T bE WeAk * CaNt StAnD StiLL * WaTcH yUr BaCk * CuZ nO OnE WiLL

I've tried to find myself an approval I've already been there already done that it got me nowhere it brought me nothing but a good place to hide in no one to confide in now locked inside the only place where you feel sheltered where you feel safe you lost yourself in your search to find something else to hide behind

just cause it's all in your head doesn't mean it has to be in mine don't believe what you said still can't get it out of my mind

if shame had a face I think it would look like mine if it had a home would it be my eyes would you believe me if I said I'm tired of this well here we go now one more time

Belonging is like fitting into a puzzle . . . and i happen to be one of those little fvcking pieces that will never fit

There are so many things I'm not sure of in life, but with all certainty at this very minute, all I know is that I miss her

I [wanna] say I`m sorry I [want] you to know that I care I [wanna] say I`m blind for seeing Something that [wasn`t] there I [should`ve] been more trusting And [listened] to my heart Cuz you`re the [only] thing I need And it`s [tearing] me apart

I need you here with me, but you wanna be with her...our feelings were real but now yours are a blur

i luved him liek no1 else before he stayed in my heart forever and more he ripped it out and took my heart away and he decided to go on with his life anyway

ill b strong even tho i hurt so bad ill move on as fast as i can i wont need u cuz u were never there n i wont love u simply cuz u wont even care

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