Top Ghetto Wordings On Facebook

Top Ghetto Wordings On Facebook

   .:.:DoNt fOrGeT ThAt GoLdEn RuLe, WaTcHu Do tO OtHeRs iS GoNnA GeT DoNe To YoU:.:.:.

Mar 14, 2012

i dun worry bout wat otha peole think bout me, cause it can't be half as bad as what i think of them..

when you call me a bitch i just smile - giggle and walk away cuz i knew that long before you told me

if ur gonna talk like u kno shit if ur gonna act like ur shit if ur gonna try to be shit ur gonna get ur ass kicked

iM sHy-iM qUiEt ..An AnGeL iN dIsGuIsE.. iM LoUd-Im CrAzY ..a TrU dEvIL iNsIdE..

i SaY nOtHiN cOz ThErEs NoThIn LeFt tO sAy WhEn i Do ShYt iTs goNna bE dOnE *=.My WaY.=*

iMmA bE dA pErSoN DaT i WaNnA bE *..sO DoNt FukKiN LaBeL mE..*

I .d0n*T. WaLk ar0unD TryiN Ta bE WhuT I*m n0t I .d0n*T. WasTe mY TyMe TryiN Ta GeT WhuTcHu g0t I .w0rk. aT pLeaSin mE aNd n0t SaTiSfyiN y0u.. DaT*z .wh0. I aM n *ExaCtLy* WhuT I d0

When I die burry me upside down so the world can kiss my ass

You know i'm one of a kind, crazy lil bitch who's outta her mind

*i dId nOt lOsE mY vIrGiNiTy!* ...*i kNoW eXAcTlY wHo hAs iT!!*

U CaN LuV mE Or HaTe mE fUk hOw u fEeL cUs EiTha wAy u LOok aT mE iMa aLwAyZ b reAl

ThE hArDeR yOu FaLL tHe HiGhEr yOu BoUnCe

Every One Thinks Me Bein So Innocent n Sweet Is True.. HaHa...No One Knos What LiL Me Has Been Up tO!!

i just nEeda mAKe iTt cLeAr >> uSs qErLss d0n`t nEed liqu0r oRr bEer [ we just nAtuRa|ly Fuked upp ]

I always give 100% at work: 13% Monday 22% Tuesday 26% Wednesday 35% Thursday 4% Friday

.:.:DoNt fOrGeT ThAt GoLdEn RuLe, WaTcHu Do tO OtHeRs iS GoNnA GeT DoNe To YoU:.:.:.

.:**CaLLiN Me a ByTcH? I KnOw.. I KnOw**:. BuT iN ThUh WoRdZ oF LuDacRiS [u*Z a h 0 e]

. .aS a sHoRTy i WaS aLwaYz ToLd tHaT. . . . .iF i AiNt GoNNa Be PaRt oF tHe GrEaTeSt. . .i GoTTa bE tHa gReAtEsT MaH SeLf.

wHeN LiL ByTcHez BriNg BeEf iM FaR FrOm ThE CaLmEsT i AiNt GuNnA SLaP YoU - iMa FuCc YoU Up *AnD tHaTz a PrOmiSe

..i ThInK mA fLoW gOt a FeW hOeZ mAd At Me.. ByTcHeZ rUnIn rOuNd LyK dEy WaNnA BaTtLe Me

*..Do It 2DaY..CuZ iT miGhT bE iLLeGaL 2MoRrOw..*

*..TrY tOUChiN mUh GuY..i ThiNk NoT..uNLeSs u WaNt a BLaCk EyE..dUn EvEn TrY tAh TaKe MaH sPoT..*

*..i'M siCc Of BoYs AnD dA GaMeZ dEy PLaY..sOmEtiMeZ i JuSs wAnT dEm To Go AwAy..*

ja rulez body paul walkers face p. diddyz style with usherz grace fabolousz bling bow wowz size thats the man i fantasize.

i AiNt gOnNA gEt PLaYeD nO mOre -i KnO dA gAmE tOo WeLL- i AiNT gOnNA bE hAtEd No MoRE -i CAN hAtE tO yOu KnOW-

|[ ii`ma tru qanqsta queen hOldin` shiit dOwn -» |[ thiink yOu can take mah crOwn `nd wear iit prOud -» |[ well hOe`z yOu miistaken sO bOw dha fuck dOwn -»

wha chu thOuqht ; we aiin`t qOt nO priiDe !? yOu reaDy tO see ; hOw we riide On dha sOuthsiiDe `*?!

quiit yO yappiin` fOr i haftuh qet tuh cLappiin` `en have yuh bOdy partsz miix `en matchiin`

itS RiDiCuLoUs hOw DeY WaNNa PuT tHeiR LiPs oN DiSs dUn KiSs Me RiTe DeA.. BaBy BoY iM TiCkLiSh

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